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We have been delivering businesses with engaging immersive experiences + intelligent technology and beautiful creative since 2003. We cover #cloud infrastructure management #software #security #content #seo #embedded hardware. Find out about our:

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Technets is a leading web development company. Our expert team of Website Developers & Digital Strategists combine intelligent architecture and web-friendly practices to create interactive business websites.


Our Customers

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Our team comes with a rich background in app development and is at your beck and call to ensure that you get a seamless experience with the help of interoperable, scalable, and flexible mobile applications.



We establish the best technologies on the market. Of course we strive for feasibility so that your project lasts a long time. We focus on simplicity, cool vibes UI and scalability for future growth.


Tools & Wiki

We explain a bit what are Pop-ups... SEO... the World Wide Web... and why the sky is blue.




Featured Projects


  • Region: Europe
  • Store with multiple ranges of products selling in 10 different countries.


  • DHL Carpathian Marathon
  • The latest technologies reunited in an immersive video experience while browsing the website


  • David's Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten website with scheduling


  • Hangout Booking & Tours App
  • Hangout is a future platform that is going to surpass industry standards regarding traveling and the way people connect in the process. Allows you to check your resort, discover news, events, people. Created and maintained major websites, we created facebook apps for campaigns, apps on iOS/Android via Flutter and custom portals for various purposes. Main focus was the API and Flutter mobile app.

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Based in Manchester, Mannheim, Nottingham and Bucharest, the full-service agencies Technets Enterprises SRLD in partnership with 1Plus Agency GbR have set their priorities in the disciplines Webdesign , Engineering and Online Marketing.

After 20 years in the business we see a strong but also flexible concept as the guarantor of success for all your requirements.

With over 1000 projects to date and detailed knowledge in all areas of web and IT projects Technets Enterprises will kindly keep you well advised. For us a great relationship with our clients is the cornerstone of a successful track record!

Full-service agency with a passion for tech

Starting with the websites through to enterprise apps and the necessary online marketing activities, we support you smoothly with accurate detail. We offer you advice and practical support in all matters related to your project.

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